If i already have APC, How much improvement can ML provide me?
I Know the problem that i want to solve, how do i know if NTwist can help me?

I have a rough idea about the kind of problem I want to solve. 
Is there a way I can make a selection / explain my problem and see if Ntwist can help me?

How do i know if Ntwist supports my flowsheet?

Can I see what business problems Ntwist solves for each component within a flow sheet?  
How can i find out which ones are useful for me?

Mine-To-Mill-To-Mine Optimization

NTWIST’s newest product unlocks up to $250/oz in previously inaccessible value in open pit gold mines by connecting siloed data sources like block models, fleet management systems, stockpile surveys, and plant instruments. This allows your company to better track material flow, and feed properties, identify plan/production discrepancies, and correct resource models and production plans.



Environmental stewardship is a priority for NTWIST. We help our customers to minimize their sustainability  impact on the planet. Emissions or environmental targets are used alongside productivity targets to define success for our customers.

With the increasing relevance of carbon accounting and emissions tracking, NTWIST offers a suite of tools to increase visibility into environmental performance and help processing plants track, manage, optimize, and report key metrics.

Mineral Processing

NTWIST offers a number of solutions for mills, concentrators, and leach plants. Our solutions help operations to reduce the effect of feed variability, avoid downtime and increase peak throughput while decreasing energy and reagent consumption.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas plants require a high level of control and robustness in their operation due to the high risks to people and environment. 

NTWIST helps Oil & Gas customers to analyze historical data, identify opportunities for process control improvements, and reduce variability in any part of the process, thus providing enhanced reliability and safety.

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