Sustainability Assistant

Sustainability Environmental stewardship is a priority for NTWIST. We help our customers to minimize their Carbon impact on the planet. With the increasing relevance of carbon accounting and emissions tracking, […]

Flotation circuit optimization

Flotation circuit optimization Flotation circuits often bottleneck concentrator operation both in terms of throughput and recovery. NTWIST offers a computer vision solution that can monitor froth quality and alert operators […]

Pipeline pumping optimization

Pipeline pumping optimization NTWIST’s Clairvoyance solution is designed to help pipeline operators consistently achieve flow rate targets, minimize input costs, reduce the carbon footprint — all while optimizing pipeline life. […]

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AI Software

We are on a mission to reduce 100 million tonnes of CO2 (GtCO2) while increasing our customer’s efficiency by $1 billion.  We provide Artificial Intelligence based solutions that help process companies take better operational decisions.

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