Industrial Solutions

If your production managers know which are the key parameters impacting the yield…

If you can automatically foresee future machine breakdowns and take necessary measures…

If your corporate team knows the financial impact of shop floor actions…

Manufacturing companies are facing huge problem in understanding vast amounts of data generated at the machine, plant and the corporate level. The data generated is in structured form (ERP/Excel/PLC etc) and unstructured forms (like images/videos/sounds etc).

There is need for a platform that connects seemingly unrelated structured and unstructured data and gives insights on key challenges like yield improvement, maintenance, process anomalies etc NTWIST AI-First platform helps to streamline information and optimize decision-making process.


Platform Benifits

Plant Managers


Plant managers can use NTWIST to predict the yield and plan production effectively.

Plant Engineers

Plant Engineer

NTWIST enables plant engineers to detect anomalies in production process & take steps on predictive maintenance



Real-time monitoring of shop floor actions on the financial and sales impact of the organization

Business Analysts


Compare actual performance with the planned and generate reports on the go

Data Scientists

Data Scientist

Input structured and unstructured data and analyse various scenarios on the cloud