We are a team of diverse process and data engineers who are passionate about boosting industrial sustainability, efficiency and excellence by using cutting edge AI/ML technologies

NTWIST was born from our founders’ obsession to simplify complex  industrial and business problems by using cutting edge machine learning and  artificial intelligence technology. 

Our machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence tools help continuous process plants to improve productivity, while lowering costs and ensuring the best environmental performance and accountability. 

NTWIST platform leverages existing industrial metering information and infrastructure. It augments intelligence to the current automation system to aid in better control of the plant operations. 

With the aid of this additional intelligence, plant operators will be able to handle abnormal conditions, foresee unavoidable situations and prevent productivity loss. 

We are strong believers in our responsibility to steward our planet for future generations. We convert our beliefs into actions through the solutions that we provide to our customers. Our solutions help our customers to reduce their waste, GHG, energy and water use. 

Our approach does not require any disruption of operations. 

Our inhouse team of data scientists, process engineers, chemical engineers and mining engineers enable us to provide a complete end to end solution. Thus our customers need to work only with one vendor (NTWIST) as against working with multiple vendors when you work with our competition.

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